Updates + 52 Weeks of Song

Hello world! Kaciny here.⁠ 

First, an update.

I cannot thank you enough for your support.

I'm happy to say that the EP is coming together beautifully. I'm so grateful to the team of people working together to make it a…

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Home - Nwaneri ft. Carrie Giita

I can remember the day Osi (Nwaneri) told me that he'd found someone on Craigslist to work with. I thought he was insane. But I've never been more grateful for that website because we met Carrie. Soft-spoken, with her guitar…

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Made for This Love - The Crossing Collective

My first song of 2020 is out for the world to hear. I wrote this with Quimi Eaves, the Spanish translation is thanks to Karol Krawchuk, and production by Michael Paquette.

It was a song I started writing from a…

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Here's to 2020.

I knew that I wanted 2020 to be different. It's easy to say it, and a lot harder to actually make it happen.

But there's something unique about the power of intention.

I think for a while I was floating…

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